On Previous tours I never published a gear-list but now realise this could actually be of benefit to other people (the way I had seen other's),  so here it is! look like a lot but - being methodical - have listed the tiniest of things.

Bike parts / spares / tools: 
Wire rope + combination lock 
Curly combination-lock 
Front light, Rear light 
Bar Motorbike mirror
Allen key set
15 mm spanner 
Reversible screwdriver
Rohloff sprocket (1) 
Sprocket tool 
Rohloff oils 
Syringe + pipe 
T20 Torx driver
Spokes + spoke key 
Chain tool 
Spare chain links + repair links 
Crank removal tool 
Bottom bracket bearings (pair)
Tyre levers (3)
Brake-pad (2 pairs) 
Puncture patches + new glue 
spoke nipples (6) + brake-pad insert clips(4) 
Bike computer replacement battery 
Pump + 2 adapters (ends capped!) 
Old tooth brush
1/2” soft brush 
Rohloff inner cables (2) 
Cable ties - various 
Gaffa tape 
Thread + needle
2 inner tubes Finish Line oil 
Spray oil
Stove service kit Water filter service kit + tent patches 
Bungy straps - two sets.
Velcro bands 

Clothes / camping: 
2 pairs socks 
2 pairs boxers
1 pair shorts 
1 cotton T-shirt 
2 polyester T-shirts 
1 pair trousers (Regatta) + belt 
2 Long sleeve polyester tops (white, blue)
Thermal top
Full brim sun hat 
Cycling gloves 
Handlebar cloth 
Waterproof coat (M.E. Tupilac)
Waterproof trouser (Altura) 
Tent, Ferrino – Pumori 2 (4-season)
Tent footprint (old shower curtain) 
Mattress (M.E. - Helium 3.8)
Sleeping bag (Criterion Traveler 500)
Neck sleeve 
Thinsulate gloves 

Books / maps / documents:
Passport ID page copy (with mp3 cards)
Passport scan (on PC)
Chest pouch with pen Password document (no.'s adjusted!)
Handlebar box 
Front panniers (Ortlieb) + base cloths.
Rear panniers (Ortlieb)
Handlebar box (Ortlieb) 
Rack-top bag (Ortlieb 31 ltr) 

Katadyn Pocket water filter + cleaner brush 
2 * 2 litre roll-up bags (Source)
3 * 1 litre bottles (Zefal)
Cutlery set + Wooden spoon + holder
Victorinox ‘Handyman’ penknife
2x small plastic containers
Waterproof matches
Stove (MSR - XGK)
Fuel bottle 
Plastic plate - chopping board
Mess tin, 
Cereal bowl, 
Enamel cup
3x 200ml storage pots (sugar, coffee, salt) 

Soap dish
Nail cutters
Washing line chord
Glove flannel
Towel (Kyrgyzstan T-towel!)
Tooth brush / paste 
Shaver + 110v charger
Collapsible wash bowl 
First aid kit Malaria treatment tablets 
DEET spray 
Mosquito net for hat 
Toilet roll bag

Electrical / gadgets: 
Sun glasses + reading specs! (I must be getting old!)
Sansa MP3 player
Senheiser Headphones 
64 Gb micro SD music-backup card in USB adapter
8 Gb micro SD cards in converters - 5 off
Camera (Panasonic, Lumix LX5, with 16 Gb card)
Lumix mains charger + EU cable
LX5 Li-Ion dynamo charger (Homer)
15/30 second remote timer
Camera mini tripod – mini (Jessops)
Camera tripod (Cam Link TP-1700)
Compass (Silva)
Universal 9v charger 
AA / AAA  Ni-Mh dynamo charger + Lemo - USB cable (Homer) 
Dynamo socket to Lemo-plug cable
Chromebook (Asus C100P)
Micro mouse
Mini USB cable (Sansa)
Asus charger with EU cable 
Soft lens cloth
Thick thread + needle 
Dad's St. Christopher 
Family photos
Vaccination card
Camera LCD screen protector (Elena)
Manuals (VDO, Lumix) 
Head torch (Energizer)
3 [new] AAA batteries
Digital watch